Custom Med Patient Services


Currently, the healthcare providers in the United States are following the in-person method for follow-up appointments. In this process, patients require scheduling a personal appointment and they have to adjust their health insurance coverage and consultation fees. Patients and Doctors are finding this approach time consuming as well as difficult. This is possible to complete this process online through video conferencing.

Industry – Domain



To implement an online consultation framework for the Patients, Physicians, and Hospitals that will comply with the guidelines as set in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Policy (HIPPA).

Action Taken

Maven Infotech conceived an online application that will address the key concern in the US healthcare industry. This application allows video conferencing between the patients & the physicians and will facilitate the physicians to extend the necessary attention and time to their patients in the course of treating the chronic ailments. This application will bring holistic benefits for the Healthcare industry. Before scheduling the appointment, patients will be able to verify their personal information, health insurance details as well as payment Co-pay.

Technology Used

  • Core PHP
  • Ajax
  • Jquery
  • MySQL 5.5
  • EHR-API Integrates: AthenaHealth Api, Allscripts Api, Validic Api, Sightcall Api, Stripe Api
  • Secure payment gateway Integration – Stripe Api
  • Video Calling: Sightcall Api

Key attributes of the application

Services for the Patient

  • Registration process turns easier and simpler
  • Patients can verify and validate their personal & insurance details and payment Co-pay before scheduling the appointment.
  • Reminders for the appoint scheduled through Email and Text Messages
  • Patients get a complete list of the attending doctors
  • Video conferencing facility that will enable the patients to consult the physician without physical meeting.
  • It becomes easier for the patients to schedule follow up appointments with the doctors.
  • Patient’s History
  • Comment section to facilitate discussion

Services for the Physicians

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Summary of patient list and appointment schedules
  • Video conferencing with patients.

Outcome & Advantages

  • Compliance with HIPPA specifications
  • Simple and hassle-free registration
  • Physicians and Hospitals can schedule appointments for its patients
  • Patients can escape the hassle of visiting the doctor/hospital in person
  • Patients can consult the physician from anywhere
  • Video conferencing between patients and physicians
  • As patients can consult and seek guidance of the doctors online, it saves their time.
  • Patients need to pay consultation fees for the video conferencing sessions for follow up. In addition, they need to bear any conveyance expenses for visiting the doctors. Hence, they incur good financial savings.