ASP .Net Development

Microsoft .Net Development for Effective Software Development

The Maven Infotech Company provides you with a wide range of software application outsourcing development services, which are based on the Microsoft technologies. The company will let you take advantage of its services by actually offering you the most experienced professionals for your help regarding it. The services include complete web development programs and the whole work involved in the developing of a website for the internet.

The Microsoft .NET Development services offered by them has a number of powerful tools which are actually able to be used for various spheres for solving some of the very important challenging and important tasks like-

  • Platform like windows, MS SQL server, Azure
  • Experience in C#/VB .NET, Web API 2.0, WCF, Silverlight
  • Experience ASP.Net Design Patterns, Entity Framework, NService Bus, Saga
  • MVC Design Pattern, Routes in MVC, Single Page Application using Angular JS
  • Large ERP and CRM systems.

The Microsoft .NET Development is a way to build the desktop applications running on the Microsoft windows. This actually combines the rapid app development with the solid foundation platform for the effective and best solution for developing application. They include services like-

  • Providing application services to enterprise clients, retail industry, steel companies, banking projects
  • Microsoft .Net development
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint server
  • Microsoft commerce server
  • Microsoft exchange server

The Microsoft .NET Development web application framework is the one out of the two different programming models.  They can use it to create the ASP.NET Web applications and the web forms for the services like-

  • ASP .Net Web Application Development
  • Business backend application developments
  • Service Oriented Architecture and landscape
  • Apps for Branding
  • Apps for Promotion

Our specialization

C# .Net Application 85%
VB .Net Applications 80%
Web API 2, WCF & WPF 90%
.Net MVC & TDD 70%
Microsoft SharePoint Development 100%

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