Ajax Development

Ajax Technology

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is commonly used in web development. It is responsible for the dynamic and fluid web page elements you come across online. Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking websites make use of simple Ajax to update a page automatically when a user is following a new profile.

There are numerous ways to come up with an Ajax script, including a jQuery Ajax. This method is better than standard JavaScript when it comes to handling an HTTP request. It helps with DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, effects and animations and Ajax calls among other things.

Pros of Ajax Technology

Ajax is great and it enables websites to load content into different elements without the need to refresh the page. It helps developers do a lot, even if its features list is not that long. Ajax couldn’t work across domains until the implementation of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

Prior to the introduction of XMLHttpRequest or XHR in 2003, browsers could not communicate with the server without first requiring the page to load again. Note that XHR is a component of Ajax technology. XMLHttpRequest has become extremely popular and has simplified data passage between browsers and servers.

After the XHR adoption, it became extremely easy to create web applications like Gmail and Google Maps. Reloading the whole page to see if there is a new email became a thing of the past. Hence, Ajax has made things really quick and easy.

Where to seek Ajax development help

If you want to develop Ajax web applications and sites and don’t have the time or expertise, Maven Infotech is here to assist you. Our web developers have years of experience and complete knowledge of Ajax and other programming languages. All we need is a call from you and we will instantly respond.


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