TextMagic API

TextMagic API has been quite extensively used as an SMS gateway. This is widely known Application Program Interface, which makes texting simple and easy. Developers generally create SMS scripts using Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. to synchronize with the TextMagic API Bulk SMS Gateway.

The SMS gateway integration has to be done with precision so that it can work accurately without showing any glitches or problems. Maven Infotech, Indian’s leading API developer service provider, offers efficient and cutting edge TextMagic API integration services. Our team is well versed in working with this API for text message gateway, and thus we commit effective and satisfactory solutions to our clients.

Benefits of TextMagic API

As a professional SMS integration developer, we have noted that using TextMagic is particularly beneficial for various reasons. The most common reason is the bulk SMS sending feature of this API. It is a cost-effective platform for SMS gateway integration, and it also slashes down the cost of sending bulk SMS to customers or potential business customers. Using this API is simple and integrating process can be accomplished quite conveniently.

Our Services

Being a professional API developer, Maven Infotech offers end to end services regarding TextMagic API SMS gateway integration services. Our major services include:

  • We create SMS script using Java or PHP or other advanced web programming languages with accuracy so that integration process becomes seamless.
  • We help clients to generate their API passwords. Password is mandatory for HTTPS API. For Email to SMS API, the password is not needed
  • We provide guidance to users and help understanding the API manual of TextMagic. It helps clients to use the API meticulously in order to conduct bulk SMS marketing service.

Our team has been consisted of personnel, who have strong insight and extensive experience to cater the most satisfactory services.

API Development Specialization

Google Analytics API Development 90%
Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube API 95%
Amazon API Development 70%
SMS Gateway API Integration 90%
Magento API Integration 75%
ECWID API Integration 100%
SPService SharePoint JQuery API 100%
ClickBank API Integration 85%


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