Sync two E-Commerce Solutions using Windward System 5 POS API & BigCommerce Store API


An Australian company who are in business of Selling online Tyres. Client is using desktop stock inventory software Windward System 5 POS and also BigCommerce online store to sale their products. Currently they have to manage and maintain stock data i.e, products, categories, prices on both applications. This is tend to be very time consuming as it is almost double work for any resource.

windward-software BigCommerce

Industry – Domain:

Retail, E-Commerce

Issue to be resolved

Develop the custom solution so that customer can sync the data from Windward System 5 POS to BigCommerce online store and BigCommerce online store to Windward System 5 POS.

Action Taken

Maven Infotech team helped the customer to develop the custom application which utilize the Winward System 5 Web API and BigCommerce Store API to sync the data in background.

Custom Application was built for Windows Platform which can be run as windows service or schedule task. This service runs in background and update the products, price and stock details for any changes happening in any application.

Technology Used

Results – Benefits

Client found this very beneficial as they need not to make the entry on two applications. Below are the list of benefits customer is getting now.

  1. Product Stock and Price Details are getting updated automatically in the background.
  2. Users of Windward System 5 and BigCommerce online Store no longer required to have access of each other applications. Saved administrative work to maintain the users at both end.
  3. Cost Saving for access rights, users and infrastructure.
  4. Time and Cost Savings for making both application ud to date for stock and price.
  5. Clear visibility on Stock Availability
  6. Clear visibility on Product Prices and Discounts.


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