D&S Monitoring system – Ecwid Orders, Quickbook Invoice – Using Ecwid, Quickbook, TextMagic APIs


Goal of making this web based system intends our client(Vendor) to centralized and monitors their Ecwid orders, QuickBooks invoice, customer payment status and many more like Generating Invoice, Sending Invoice template by Email, Add new Suppliers, SMS notification through TextMagic email notification through MailChimp. Customers also can track their purchases using this system and reply to their SMS. Basically system is based on Ecwid store management, Invoice management and it saves lot of time of our Vendor.

Industry – Domain:

E-Commerce, CRM

Issue to be resolved

System to be made many laborious tasks automated and instant for Vendor saving a huge amount of time!!! Develop an automated system for ECWID with the use of ECWID webhooks and sending SMS by TextMagic SMS API and push that information to Ecwid order by using ECWID Order API. Moreover, when the orders will be come to Ecwid store , It generates invoice for that order simultaneously in Quickbooks.

Action Taken

Maven Infotech team helped the client(Vendor) to make many laborious tasks automated and instant for them saving a huge amount of time. Whenever order event occurred, system used ECWID webhook to send notification to script, Order is identified by system through its order types. System identifies order types, send SMS with form link using TextMagic API. After receiving SMS, customer will fill up the form on live website. System then push that information to ECWID using order API. In between, whenever the new order generates system will create new invoice in Quickbooks in real time using Quickbooks api.

Technology Used

Features/Functionality of the application

  1. Automated systems that work on real time base.
  2. Identify new ECWID order in real time and send notification by SMS to customer.
  3. Customer gets SMS in real time.
  4. Time and Cost Savings for making both application up to date for stock and price.
  5. Vendor/Customers can manage their Ecwid Orders.
  6. Customer can send SMS based on order status with selected template
  7. Vendor can set delivery date and send sms to customer.
  8. Vendor can generate delivery notes for orders.
  9. Assign supplier for order and generate bill in Quickbooks

Results – Benefits

We have made many laborious tasks automated and instant for the client(Vendor) saving a huge amount of time. Vendor found this very beneficial as they need not to go through their website back-end nor Ecwid back-end. Below are the list of benefits customer is getting now.

  1. Centralised – System to manage Orders from web-store, Ecwid and Invoice from QuickBooks.
  2. Less time consuming- It’s an automated system so it can save lot of valuable time.
  3. Cost Saving for access rights, users and infrastructure.
  4. Time and Cost Savings for making both application ud to date for stock and price.
  5. Clear visibility on Stock Availability
  6. Flexible- Easy to manage orders of ECWID.


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