Athenahealth API

Athenahealth is providing API for variety of purpose

Maven Infotech is recognized as one of the leading Electronics Health Records (EHR) Software integration service providers in India. Engaging modernized as well as cutting edge technologies to manage patients’ information has been recognized as one of the common practices these days for the healthcare units. From large healthcare systems to small clinics, clinical integration service is beneficial for all of them.

When it comes to EHR integration services, Athenahealth is considered as one of the best and modernized systems. Athenahealth clinical integration caters APIs (Application Program Interface) for various purposes. It can manage patient information in a structured manner. Paper documents, medical test results, vital documents, insurance documents, personal information of patient, photos, images, etc. can be stored with precision, using Athenahealth API integration.

Services We Offer

Being a veteran, trusted and certified Athenahealth developer, Maven Infotech offers end to end solutions to clients, meeting their personalize needs for having modernized healthcare data managing system. Athenahealth is a simple to use and robust platform. We have mastered this platform for EHR system development for various clinical purposes. Our services include the following major things:

  • Testing out APIs with the inbuilt sandbox, offered by Athenahealth. It gives clients an overview on how the real systems will work and how they will benefit their health care units.
  • We also provide data migration services from any other systems to Athenahealth’s API. Accuracy and compatibility have been maintained with perfection.API
  • Using developers’ toolkits with strong insight in order to deliver customized Athenahealth development services.
  • We also provide customization, updating and maintenance services for already existing Athenahealth EHR system.

Why Maven Infotech?

Maven Infotech has proven command over Athenahealth APIs. We understand unique and critical requirements of our clients, and furnish services as per requirement. Fully customized and affordable solutions are offered by us. Our team of expertise personnel ensures best output for you.

API Development Specialization

Google Analytics API Development 90%
FB,Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube API 95%
Amazon API Development 70%
SMS Gateway API Integration 90%
Magento API Integration 75%
ECWID API Integration 100%
SPService SharePoint JQuery API 100%
ClickBank API Integration 85%


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