Angular Development

Angular JS Development

AngularJS development was designed by Google in 2009. The main goal was to help developers construct Single Page Applications (SPAs) easily. Angular offers MVC (Model-View- Controller) architecture for JavaScript.


  • AngularJS allows the developers to extend the HTML vocabulary so as to come up with dynamic views
  • It results in an environment that is totally communicative, easy to read and quick to develop.
  • Angular provides a set of tools for creating a framework that is best suited to the desired application development.
  • Besides being fully extensible, AngularJS is compatible with other libraries.

AngularJS enables you to apply some degree of control. For instance, you could use data binding to update the view when the model changes. On the other hand, you can use data binding to update the model when the view changes. This allows you to do away with DOM manipulation.

Controllers are the behaviors behind the DOM elements and AngularJS enables you to express them in a pure, readable form without referring to boilerplate. As Angular models are the same old JavaScript objects you know, testing, maintaining and reusing a code is easy.

What’s more, AngularJS supports deep linking, form validation and server communication.

What to do next?

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